Your design file platform

  • Automatically convert your design files to any format

  • Let your designers work with the tools they want

  • Integrates with tools like Jira, Github, Trello, …

  • On-premise to ensure you and your clients files are kept safely

  • Connects to services like Zeplin, InVision with one click

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Used by hundreds of companies

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Let your designers use the tools they want

XD Sketch Figma PSD Converter

Upload any design file

Either in the cloud or on-premise your designers can upload there files
Enterprise Upload Design File

Automatically convert to all formats

Design files are automatically converted to all other formats, fully automated
Enterprise Converted Design Files

Enable your designers to use any design tool they want

Share design files within your company

  • We provide on-premise solution to share design files within your company

  • Our on-premise solution allows designers to share design files within your company and with clients. Define different access rights to protect your files.

  • Our design file platform becomes a company-wide hub for all your design files. Connect teams within your company by being transparent and sharing work.

  • Start working together, regardless of the tools you love

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Magician with cloud

Access the most powerful design file API

  • Our API is able to convert Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, PSD and PDF files to any given format. Simply upload it and we take care of the rest.

  • Our API allows you to create automated processes, by triggering our API. Manual tasks like sharing a link on Invision or move a file between tools can now be fully automated.

  • Designers still struggle with a lot of manual workflows. We help you to eliminate those by letting you define them in a intuitive way. Say goodbye to repetetive tasks.

Converter Request API
Converter Response API

What our customers say

  • Figma to Sketch Testimonial
  • Adobe XD to Sketch Testimonial
  • Start optimizing your design workflows today