Design File Backup

Backup & Store Figma designs in an accessible file format

  • Automatic Figma backups, stored as Sketch, Adobe XD or Figma files

  • Encrypted storage into your S3 bucket, Dropbox, Google Drive or Box storage

  • Prevent your data being locked into one ecosystem

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Trusted by hundreds of companies

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OFFER: Basic Plan Life Time Access, Unlimited Files just $399

One time payment, unlimited backups, forever. Offer ends September 3.

How many Figma projects do you have?

1 file

Basic Backup

Starting at $8/file


24h backup cycles

Backup to .fig files

Supported formats

Pro Backup

Starting at $14/file


EU + US S3 Backup Region

Audit Logging

Backup to .fig + 1 additional format

24/7 Support

12h Backup Cycles

Supported formats


Backups for your entire organization


Audit Logging

SLA 99.9%


Backup as .fig files, XD and Sketch

Backups to your own storage (S3, Google Drive, Azure, ...)

24/7 Suppport

1h Backup Cycles

Supported formats


Store your Figma design data under your terms

  • Avoid vendor lock-ins, store your design files in independent formats, fully automated

  • Conversion and storage into AWS S3, Box, Dropbox or Google Drive

  • We provide an on-premise solution to backup your design files

Backup Figma Visualization

An independent design file backup & storage solution

XD Sketch Figma PSD Converter

How does it work?

Authorize our application to access your Figma designs
Select how often you want to run backups, where to store them and in which format (Sketch, Figma, XD, SVG).
Your designs will be automatically backed up

Trusted by small and large teams

Our customers range from freelancers to Fortune 500 companies

  • “This converter does an amazing job. Super fast and already saved me hours of work! The Sketch files look exactly like the Adobe XD files. Extremely helpful!”

    Onur Ada

    Senior UI UX Designer

    Onur Ada Avatar
  • “Such a useful tool. We currently convert multiple design files a week between Adobe XD, Sketch and Figma and it works like a charm.”

    Hayyaan Ahmad

    Software Engineer

    Hayyaan Ahmad Avatar
  • “Some of our clients work with Adobe XD while we prefer Figma. Using this tool we handed off the final designs in XD like we’ve built them in XD. Amazing!”

    Will Kaufman

    Senior UX Strategist

    Will Kaufman Avatar
  • Store your Figma design in any given format

    Start storing your Figma designs under your terms today.

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