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Open XD files in BuilderX

BuilderX is a great program to convert designs from Sketch, but what if you are using a popular too like Adobe XD?

Currently, it is not possible to import Adobe XD files to BuilderX, but we have a great way for you to do this using our converter.

Firstly we need to make our XD files readable by BuilderX. In order for us to do this, we need to first  convert our XD file into Sketch  (which BuilderX can directly import).

Now let’s get started.

Convert XD to Sketch

  1. Upload your file to XD2Sketch - go to our  XD to Sketch converter  and drag a file to the converter or click on browse to upload your file.

    xd2sketch uploading dialog
  2. Select your plan - Click on convert now and select your plan.

  3. Complete the checkout - enter your details and complete the checkout. Your file will now convert from the XD to Sketch/Figma.

  4. Download your file - click the arrow button to download the converted file.

    xd2sketch downloading dialog

Once you have converted your XD file into the Sketch format it’s time to import it into BuilderX.

Import your file into BuilderX

  1. Open BuilderX.

  2. To open your Sketch file drag the file into an open project.


    Click on the hamburger menu in the top left of the screen and select File > Import from Sketch file.

    import sketch dialog
  3. Select the relevant artboards to import into the BuilderX project.

    select artboards
  4. The file should take a few moments to load.

    sketch import progress

You are now ready to use all the features of BuilderX with your converted file.

Want to convert XD files to BuilderX?

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