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Convert Adobe XD to Sketch files in one click.

Simply drag & drop a file in the window on the right and we will convert your XD file to a Sketch file

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Save up to 40h per file using our converter

  • Convert design files without any extra work

    Automatically convert even large design files in minutes instead of manually recreating all of your work.

  • Stop wasting your time fixing SVG import issues

    Our software converts all elements in your designs one by one to assure 100% feature compatibility.

  • Deliver and share designs in any format

    By using our tool you can deliver design files in any format. Convert between Sketch, Adobe XD and Figma with a simple click.


Get ready-to-use, flawlessly converted files

  • Untouched path elements

    Path elements get converted seamlessly. Each icon, shape or path element will remain the same.

  • Maintain your folder structure

    We convert your folders including names and nested structures.

  • Full image support

    All images will be automatically converted. You won’t lose any assets and don’t have to re-import them.

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Our Pricing Structure


LIMITED TIME OFFER: Life Time Access for $699

Convert unlimited files, forever. Offer ends April 21st.


Starting at $57/file


1 file with up to 50 artboards


1 file with unlimited artboards

Supported formats

Adobe XD





Flexible: As low as $18/file

Supported formats

Adobe XD



Migration Plan

Enterprise Migration


Supported formats

Adobe XD



Google Slides


Les symboles / composants sont-ils convertis?


C'est l'un des grands avantages de l'utilisation de notre produit. Tous les symboles sont convertis lors de l'utilisation de tous les convertisseurs prenant en charge les symboles / composants (Figma, Sketch et Adobe XD).

Les transitions de prototypage sont-elles converties?

Oui, nous prenons en charge les interactions de prototypage de base (interactions tap / clic) dans tous les outils (Figma, Sketch et XD).

Quels sont les avantages de votre produit par rapport Ă  Figmatic?

Figmatic est un outil très différent destiné aux tâches de conception graphique très basiques. Il ne convertit pas les symboles ou les interactions de prototypage comme le fait notre produit. Il n’est pas destiné aux fichiers complexes comme le nôtre.

Les Ă©tats / remplacements des composants sont-ils convertis?


Si vous avez des variantes dans Figma ou XD, chaque variante sera convertie en un seul composant. La variante aura toujours le mĂŞme nom avec un = et le nom de la variante elle-mĂŞme. Par example: Button/Primary=Hover

Do you have a free plan?

Actuellement, nous n'avons pas de forfait gratuit, mais si vous ne savez pas si notre convertisseur vous convient. Envoyez-nous un message et nous pouvons organiser pour convertir un petit fichier de test pour vous montrer les résultats.

What are the benefits over SVG?

La conversion de fichiers à l'aide de la méthode SVG prend du temps et n'est pas très précise. Il n'y a pas non plus de support pour les composants ou les plans de travail. Tous ces éléments sont pris en charge par XD2Sketch.

100% pixel perfect conversion

Supports all Layers & Shapes

Supports Artboards

Xd Demo Preview
Sketch Demo Preview

The benefits overweigh

Use our converter and save yourself days of work.


Convert fast and fully automated

Our converter converts your files within the matter of a few minutes and fully automated.

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Direct XD to Sketch Conversion

We directly convert files without an intermediate file format, so you don’t lose any information while converting.

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Money Back Guarantee

You're not satisfied? Get your money back!

If you're not happy with the results, simply send us a message and we will issue a refund.


Trusted by hundreds of companies

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Our customers range from freelancers to Fortune 500 companies

  • “This converter does an amazing job. Super fast and already saved me hours of work! The Sketch files look exactly like the Adobe XD files. Extremely helpful!”

    Onur Ada

    Senior UI UX Designer

    Onur Ada Avatar
  • “Such a useful tool. We currently convert multiple design files a week between Adobe XD, Sketch and Figma and it works like a charm.”

    Hayyaan Ahmad

    Software Engineer

    Hayyaan Ahmad Avatar
  • “Some of our clients work with Adobe XD while we prefer Figma. Using this tool we handed off the final designs in XD like we’ve built them in XD. Amazing!”

    Will Kaufman

    Senior UX Strategist

    Will Kaufman Avatar
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